Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 & Premiere Elements 14 (PC/Mac)

Brand: Adobe | Categories: Software
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Item features

  • NEW Bye-bye, camera shake - Your selfies' best friend! Just click to remove the camera shake that comes from unsteady hands
  • NEW Never a hazy day - Easily remove haze to make the background as crisp as what's up front. Great for landscape shots
  • ENHANCED Guidance at every step - Get the looks you're after with 34 Guided Edits. New options let you easily add a sense of motion to your photos and resize a photo to fit a certain frame
  • ENHANCED Great looks for any photo - Elements analyses the subject, colour and lighting and gives you five effects that fit perfectly. Or start by picking an effect, and Elements brings it to life five different ways so you can choose the look you love best.
  • ENHANCED Selecting is a snap - Selecting hair, pet fur and other detailed edges used to be a chore. No more - just paint loosely over the area and Elements does the rest. And when you make a selection on your own and it turns out not quite right, just nudge the boundaries this way or that. Perfection!

Last updated: 26 January 04:58

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