Anycubic Prusa i3 3D Printer with LCD Screen Card Assemble Kit and 1kg Filament.

Brand: ANYCUBIC | Categories: Business, Industry & Science

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Item features

  • All-in-one between badge Anycubic with stable performance, better functionality and compatibility Fool Proof Plug Design, Compatible with the firmware of 2560 + RAMPS, each motor has a single unit in place on the unit into the Melzi Mainboard Mainboard has been set aside a series of frame for a custom modification (12864 liquid crystal display, and ramps1.4 + 2560)
  • Able to resume of the work from intentional off, which is different from the others
  • x/y axis will return to zero when the pause to change the filament, which is able to avoid damage in the model of actual print
  • The use of the motor mounting threaded rod instead of joining the shaft of the motor to provide an easy and ensures the printing of high accuracy
  • Smaller size and stronger structure: 8 mm thick instead of 6 mm thick acrylic frame provide rigid support for the work of the machine printing, Dimensions: 460 * 435 * 427 mm, easy to carry

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