Aodoor 2 Pack Waterproof Microfiber Glove, Chenille Car Wash Mitt, Mitt Microfiber Car Window Washing Home Cleaning Cloth Duster Towel Mitten,Blue

Brand: Aodoor | Categories: Automotive and Home & Kitchen
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Item features

  • Material: High-precision chenille fibers, corals form.
  • Size: 26x19cm; Color: Blue, Green; Weight: 120g.
  • Waterproof: when washing the car, the liquid and water will not wet your hand.
  • Fit for cleaning car, glass, floor, kitchen, shop floor, stone, cabinets, ceramic sanitary wares, office, etc.
  • Vehicle washing: After cleaning liquid water and mix with a wash mitt soaked in a mixture with the mixture fills the wash mitt to scrub the paint can also be used even after the liquid spray in the paint, and then water-soaked gloves scrub scrub, rinse with water foam, water with a towel to dry.

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