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Aquila 83U Sopreana Ukulele - Regular Type - Key of C - GCEA - Red Series

Brand: Aquila | Categories: Musical Instruments & DJ
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  • 12th fret.Pressing strongly the string on the frets, the note does not became sharper.It is not necessary to file the nut slot wider to accommodate it.
  • Set / Soprano Ukulele g' c' e' a' - Regular Tuning, Key of CAll strings made of a mixture of NYLGUT andred copper powderColour: red-brownRed Series - Nylgut made firstly elastic and then added with red copper powder in order to increase the density to about twice that of standard white Nylgut.Slightly rough surface; this texture has eliminated the squeak that sometime happen with the Nylguts.The new red-brown strings feature a great feel, excellent elasticity andaccurate intonationpast the

Shipping info

In stock.

This item has the advantages of Amazon Prime.

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