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Axe Africa Deodorant Spray - Pack of 3 x 150 ml - Total: 450 ml Dark Temptation Set de 3

Brand: Unilever | Categories: Beauty
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Item features

  • multiple use - do earn more products with this multi-purpose moisturizer that makes facial skin, body and more soft and supple hands.
  • 100% male - this body treatment has been designed to meet the specific needs of men and is simple, fast and convenient to use.
  • skin protection - cream non-greasy texture and non-sticky quickly penetrates the skin to protect the skin from drying out.
  • recommendations for use - apply the man to care about the face, body and hands when your skin needs to be perfectly hydrated.
  • packaging - men nivea creme multi-purpose aluminum box size man (2 x 150 ml), face cream, body and hands lot 2, nonfat care & non-sticky for a skin soft and supple, item number: 83921 .

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

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