Balvi - Drinks mini size fridge ideal for soda cans. Portable fridge. Plug it at home or in the car. Take it on holidays and weekends

Brand: Balvi | Categories: Large Appliances
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Item features

  • VERSATILE. You can connect it to a normal 220V electrical outlet (AC) or a 12V car socket (DC).
  • COOLS AND WARMS. The fridge can cool down until 15ºC less than ambient temperature in 180 minutes. It also warms up until 50ºC.
  • CAPACITY. It has a capacity of 6 soda cans (33 cl standard).
  • ATTENTION: it has a fan that cools the engine and generates a soft sound buzz. It is therefore not advisable for being placed in bedrooms.
  • EU TO UK ADAPTER NEEDED, NOT INCLUDED.. Dimensions: 25,5x17,5x24 cm Material: ABS

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