Capital Sports Tyro S5 Door Pull-Up Chin-Up Sit-Up Bar Multifunctional High-Density Foam Safety Padding (5 Grip Sets to Train Different Muscle Groups, Steel Frame, Mounting Hardware Supplied) Black

Brand: Capital Sports | Categories: Sports & Outdoors
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Item features

  • Multifunctional training device for use as a pull-up, sit-up, push-up and back bar | 5 sets of grips to train different muscle groups and for a variety of exercises | High-density foam safety padding
  • Pull-up bar to be hung in the door frame at a maximum depth of 4.3 to 6.4 inches (11 to 16cm) | Door width of 30.7 inches (78cm)
  • Ultra-sturdy steel frame | Mounting hardware supplied | Load capacity: up to 18 stones 2 pounds (115kg)
  • The Capital Sports Pull-up Bar is a smart piece of sports equipment which can be used for a quick and efficient home workout. | Mounted in a door frame, the Capital Sports acts as a classic pull-up bar. Pull-up exercises can work arm, shoulder, neck and back muscles to form a well-defined upper torso. Different grips can be used to highlight various muscle groups to give you the individual workout you want.
  • Unlike one-dimensional pull-up bars, the Capital Sports doesn't just work on the upper body. When placed at ground level in the door frame, the device can be used as a stable support for sit-up exercises to work your abdominal, pelvic and lower back muscles, avoiding an unevenness between upper and lower body muscles. | Finally, there is an option to use the unit on the ground for other back exercises, or as a push-up handle.

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