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Dr Brown's Natural Flow Starter Kit

Brand: Dr Browns Natural Flow | Categories: Baby Products
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Item features

  • A unique baby bottle design providing comfortable feeding for all babies
  • The patented internal vent eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles in the feed, so helping reduce wind related colic
  • Clinically proven to help reduce wind related colic
  • Allowing air to enter through the teat collar without being incorporated into the feed
  • The positive pressure created by the Dr Brown's system prevents the teat collapsing

Shipping info

In stock.

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08/April (04:12) £28,71 £20,39 £8,32 (-29%)
29/September (13:48) £20,39 £28,71 £8,32 (+40,8%)
14/September (12:35) £19,98 £20,39 £0,41 (+2%)
29/June (17:20) £28,71 £27,99 £0,72 (-2,5%)
28/February (13:37) £7,75 £28,71 £20,96 (+270,4%)

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