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Duronic Keyboard Stand KS2B | Twin X Frame | Height Adjustable 33-98cm | Double Braced Legs for Digital Pianos | Quick-Pull Release | With Support Straps to Secure Keyboard | Holds up to 20kg

Brand: Duronic | Categories: Musical Instruments & DJ
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  • PLAY SITTING OR STANDING IN COMFORT: If you play on a keyboard frequently it is important to pay attention to the height of your keyboard. Having a good posture when playing is essential as it minimises back strain and ensures you can reach the keys comfortably. Positioned correctly, you can also avoid wrist/arm problems like Repetititve Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Using the KS2B stand you can adjust the keyboard to be at a height that is ergonomically suited to the user.
  • UNIVERSAL KEYBOARD & SYNTHESIZER STAND: We have designed this stand to be able to fit almost every keyboard. It will hold an impressive 20kg of weight so will support most size keyboards and synthesizers. It can also support a small electric organ, piano or a synthesizer.
  • HOLDS KEYBOARDS SECURELY: Sturdy and safe to use, this stand is fitted with two features to ensure it will hold your instrument securely. It has non-slip rubber end caps to grip the base of your keyboard as well as strong support straps with screws to fix your keyboard onto the stand. Please check if your keyboard has holes on either side at the bottom for screws to go in - if they dont then this stand will still support your keyboard well but will not be connected together.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: While most other keyboard stand models only include a few preset height adjustments, the quick release mechanism allows the pianist to adjust the height of the keyboard stand to suit their requirements. As you adjust the stand's height, the width also adjusts accordingly. If you make it higher, the stand will also be narrower. Adjustable to 7 different heights/widths: 98x29cm, 92x43cm, 84x58cm, 74x71cm, 61x83cm, 47x91cm, 32x97cm.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: When folded flat the stand measures: 101x7cm. Net Weight: 3kg. Maximum weight capacity: 20kg. Made of strong aluminium. This item comes already assembled and ready to use straight from the box.

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 24 hours

This item has the advantages of Amazon Prime.

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