Espresso Mushroom Company Bumper Garden Veg Seedbomb to Grow Tomato/Pumpkin/Cucumber/Radish

Brand: Espresso Mushroom Company | Categories: Garden & Outdoors
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Item features

  • Green shoots, yellow flowers, sweet and juicy fruits will reward the attentive seedbomber that tends to the summer's crop.
  • Tomato, cucumber, radish and pumpkin seeds will grow up, down & sideways. Help them on their way & enjoy your fruits of their labours!
  • Seedbombs cocoon the seeds protecting them from the elements while unique Espresso Mushroom compost nourishes them & gets them growing!
  • These seedbombs really do pack a punch, with over 50 seeds inside - grown in four simple steps: Throw, Grow, Nurture and Harvest.
  • Fantastic gift contains six handmade and individually-wrapped seedbombs

Last updated: 11 July 12:45


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