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GROHE Rainshower 310 shower system with thermostat, thermostatic rainshower set, wall mounted, with shower head, hand shower, wall rail; water-saving, scalding protection, chrome, 27968000

Brand: GROHE | Categories: DIY & Tools
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Item features

  • GROHE TURBOSTAT: No more sudden temperature changes in your rainshower. With GROHE TurboStat thermostat technology, set your desired temperature then enjoy perfect comfort knowing your water won't suddenly heat up or go cold no matter how the supply fluctuates.
  • GROHE COOLTOUCH: Ensure your taps are never hotter than the water flow with GROHE's CoolTouch technology. An integrated channel inside the body of the thermostat means that the water won't transfer heat to the surface. So everyone - especially kids - can enjoy pure indulgence free from the risk of scalding.
  • GROHE SAFESTOP: Great for homes with children, this safety feature is set at 38°C, preventing you from turning up the water temperature in your shower system too high. If desired, higher temperatures can be selected by pushing the button.
  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY AND DESIGN: The world-leading GROHE Group uses precision German engineering to create complete bathroom and kitchen solutions, including beautiful taps, showers, accessories and ceramics!
  • GUARANTEED TO LAST - Amazon has its 30-day refund policy but GROHE, which rigorously puts its products through the equivalent of 20 years hard work, also offers a five-year no hassle guarantee.

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 24 hours

This item has the advantages of Amazon Prime.

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