HOTOR Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power, Vacuum for Car, Best Car Vacuum, Handheld Portable Auto Vacuum Cleaner Powered by 12V Outlet of Car, Come with 1 Extra Stainless Steel HEPA Filter – Black & Red

Brand: HOTOR | Categories: Automotive
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Item features

  • ✔ SUCTION: HOTOR Car Vac is corded and powered by the car, so don’t expect too much about the suction of a such lightweight auto vacuum for car; it is only good for quick cleaning, not for heavy duty cleaning.
  • ✔ ABILITY: HOTOR 12v Car Vacuum is able to lift up dry leaves, crumbs, dust and so on. But it may be unable to lift up the trash stuck in the carpet without loosening them first, especially the pet hair.
  • ✔ CORD: HOTOR Corded Auto Vacuum has a 16.4ft cord to reach every corner of the car.
  • ✔ ATTACHMENTS: HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum comes with 1 EXTRA Stainless Steel HEPA Filter, 1 brush for loosening trash, 1 crevice tube for cleaning the crack in the car, 1 soft long tube for reaching more hard to reach area.
  • ✔WARRANTY: We guarantee to REFUND your money or REPLACE the vacuum you buy without bothering you to return the unit if you encounter any problems with HOTOR Car Vacuum.

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