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Imaginext Fisher-Price CLP22 DC Super Friends Transforming Bat Mobile

Brand: Imaginext | Categories: Toys
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Item features

  • Batmobile features sleek design with translucent parts, hubcap-less wheels and canopy that opens to fit two figures
  • Turn power pad to transform Batmobile into a jet: Front wheels fold down, sides open and back wheels turn into wings and engine
  • Press button on jet to release pilot from cockpit
  • Includes transforming Batmobile, Batman figure, jet-pack armour and bazooka

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

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07/December (14:55) £14,99 £25,99 £11,00 (+73,4%)
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05/December (01:56) £25,99 £14,99 £11,00 (-42,3%)
02/December (03:11) £14,99 £25,99 £11,00 (+73,4%)

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