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iRobot - Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba 776p

Brand: iRobot | Categories: Home & Kitchen
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Item features

  • One touch cleaning - Just turn on, push a button, and watch it go!
  • Switches between hard floors and carpets automatically, so you can leave it be and let it do its thing
  • Slim profile - cleans everywhere including under tables, beds and other hard to reach places
  • Built-in sensors enable it to clean the room while avoid bumping into furniture and falling down the stairs
  • It automatically charges itself in-between cleanings until your room is spotlessly clean and the job is done

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 24 hours

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17/May (00:06) £209,00 £199,00 £10,00 (-4,8%)
08/May (19:46) £249,00 £209,00 £40,00 (-16,1%)
21/April (08:19) £299,00 £249,00 £50,00 (-16,7%)
06/April (03:02) £399,99 £299,00 £100,99 (-25,2%)
03/April (22:22) £329,00 £399,99 £70,99 (+21,6%)

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