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LRB Auto sun screen Rectangular Window Car Sunshades, Large, Black, Set of 2

Brand: Auto sun screen | Categories: Automotive
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Item features

  • Is quickly and easily fitted and removed as needed.
  • Helps lower the temperature of the car's interior
  • Enables opening of car window allowing flow of fresh air.
  • Absorbs 84% of harmful UV sun rays, even with the window open
  • Covers the entire rear windows providing maximum shade: please check your car is in list or ask us (-:

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

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23/October (19:22) £34,22 £12,00 £22,22 (-64,9%)
17/October (11:44) £12,00 £34,22 £22,22 (+185,2%)
29/August (10:10) £33,79 £12,00 £21,79 (-64,5%)
19/July (18:27) £12,00 £33,79 £21,79 (+181,6%)
13/May (18:42) £33,56 £12,00 £21,56 (-64,2%)

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