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Medela Freestyle breast pump - double electric breastpump

Brand: MEDELA | Categories: Baby Products
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Item features

  • Medela Freestyle double electric breast pump with calma expresses up to 18% more breast milk with a higher energy content for baby than single expressing, giving you more time to spend with baby.
  • The Freestyle breastpump is the complete package. As well as the breast pump, it comes with 4x 150ml breast milk bottles, 2x bottle stands, 2x personal fit breast shield, 1xrechargable battery, 1x cooler bag, 1x cooling element, 1x Calma solitaire, 4x disposable nursing pads.
  • This electric breast pump has 9 fully adjustable vacuum levels and an illuminated display to show pumping time, battery status and vacuum level.
  • The double breast pump is super portable with a rechargeable battery allowing you the freedom to pump almost anywhere.
  • The Medela breast pump has an easy to use digital display with memory, timer and backlight so you can keep track of your breast milk pumping.
  • Medela Freestyle breastpump can be used as both a single breast pump or double breast pump, offering full flexibility. The electronic breast pump uses 2 Phase expression technology to mimic the suckling of a baby.

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 24 hours

This item has the advantages of Amazon Prime.

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