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Melitta E970-101 Caffeo CI One-Touch Fully Automatic Coffee Maker with My Coffee Memory and Milk system - Silver

Brand: Melitta | Categories: Home & Kitchen
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Item features

  • Enjoy your daily coffee just the way you like it, Choose from a variety of specialties as well as the 4 classics: espresso, cappuccino, café crème, and latte macchiato, Suitable for cups up to 13.5 cm (5.3 in) thanks to height-adjustable coffee outlet
  • My Coffee Memory for up to 4 people, Preparation of coffee, hot milk, coffee with milk, hot water and cold or hot milk drinks, Rotary switch to navigate through the menu, Bean Select: 2-chamber bean container
  • Exceptional taste: Freshly ground coffee every time thanks to the 4 settings of coffee strength, Separate hot water preparation is possible, Stainless steel cup warming function
  • Simple and intuitive: Personalized choice of your coffee at the touch of a button, Setting the amount of hot water, milk, froth and coffee, Double-cup mode
  • Preserve the machine and coffee taste with automatic cleaning and descaling, Compatible with Melitta filter cartridges, Easy to clean interior thanks to the removable brewing unit - Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Germany, High quality, Comfortable to use, Compact design, Noise reduction system, Conical steel grinder, Energy saving: Energy saving mode and programmable automatic shutdown, 0 Watt switch
  • Contents: 1 Melitta CI Automatic Coffee Machine, E970-101, Weight: 9.6 kg, Dimensions (W x D x H): 25.5 x 47.5 x 32.8 cm, 1 m cable, water tank milk included, water tank (1.8 L) with water filter, grain tank 2x135g
  • Coffee at the touch of a button. My coffee memory stores four personal coffee preferences for each one-touch coffee programmed
  • Espresso or cappuccino - three brew temperatures, four coffee strengths, two chamber bean container, easy use milk system
  • Height adjustable spout, two cup option, cup warmer, removable water tank and milk system, easy to move
  • Hygienic - push-button cleaning, easy-clean components and surfaces. Energy-efficient LED lights, shut down and stand-by modes
  • Box contents: Melitta caffeo CI one-touch E970-101, starter set of cleaning products, measuring spoon, water hardness test strip

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 24 hours

This item has the advantages of Amazon Prime.

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