nancen Case For BQ Aquaris 5 (5.0 Inches) Series Cute Wallet Style Pu Leather Case Flip Cover Wallet TPU Inner Soft Silicone Case Campanula HTC One A9

Brand: Nancen | Categories: Luggage and Electronics & Photo

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Item features

  • Real machine open tin - no mistake holes, perfect fit. 100% compatible with your BQ Aquaris X5 (5 inch)
  • Material - High Quality Durable PU Leather, colorful cute full of personality, easy to install
  • Card slot design, you can put money, bus cards, door cards, the cards in the card slot, reduce the burden of Porter
  • Magnetic closure design; anti-glissant, anti-scratch, anti-dust, anti- throw, high resistance to shock, bumps and other damage
  • Support function - Easy to read and watch video, you can free up your hands

Last updated: 18 January 05:39

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