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PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership | PS4 | PSN Download Code - UK account

Brand: Sony | Categories: PC & Video Games
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  • PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership lets you get exclusive discounts at PlayStation store and download 24 hand-picked PS4 games every year at no extra cost.
  • After you complete the purchase, you will receive a link on the order-confirmation page with detailed instruction to redeem your code on PlayStation store. This link is also stored in your Games & Software Library.
  • Buy PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership to benefit from full games every month. Order now for PlayStation Plus Membership. Download the PSN Voucher and get PSN Plus voucher for a Year.
  • Limited to 2 units per customer

Shipping info

Available now.

Last 5 price changes:

Date Previous price New price Difference
25/May (07:05) £49,99 £34,99 £15,00 (-30%)
14/January (10:33) £37,49 £49,99 £12,50 (+33,3%)
03/January (04:14) £49,99 £37,49 £12,50 (-25%)
03/December (09:06) £37,49 £49,99 £12,50 (+33,3%)
22/November (07:48) £49,99 £37,49 £12,50 (-25%)

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