SAMSUNG HAFIN1/EXP Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter

Brand: Samsung | Categories: Large Appliances
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Item features

  • Model number HAFIN1/EXP, Replacement filter code DA29-00003F
  • Easy to fit, uses 'F' type locking key
  • It ensures that your machine continues to operate with maximum performance and efficiency
  • Manufactured for Samsung Electronics by Microfilter Co., Ltd in South Korea
  • Installation instructions for new shape filter: 1. Remove the shelf fitted directly under the water filter to make more room to remove the filter safely. 2. Re-insert the old filter by twisting to the right and ensure the lock symbols line up. (Old Key design) 3. Remove the old filter again - twist the filter in a leftwards (anticlockwise) direction only - Do not allow the filter to immediately drop out of the housing - Gently push the filter upwards whilst twisting it until it will turn no further. 4. Once fully twisted lower the filter down out of the filter housing - the filter housing will now be fully opened. 5. The new filter can now be installed by pushing up and firmly twisting rightwards (clockwise) until the lock symbols line up - the new filter will require more force to install.

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