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Theo Klein 8580 Bosch Workstation, Toy, Multi-Colored

Brand: Theo Klein | Categories: Toys
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Item features

  • Made in Germany
  • Product with the Bosch license
  • With a wide range of accessories - This Bosch workbench from Theo Klein is including 44 pieces
  • Supplied with a wide range of tools, for e.g. saw, screwdrivers, spirit level and much more
  • Simply screw the included strips with the screws together, maybe the vice of the workbench can fix them for the easier work

Shipping info

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

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21/August (00:05) £76,97 £78,95 £1,98 (+2,6%)
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16/August (22:31) £83,16 £78,29 £4,87 (-5,9%)
16/August (15:16) £78,29 £83,16 £4,87 (+6,2%)
13/August (21:13) £94,15 £78,29 £15,86 (-16,9%)

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