Vacuum Cleaner Cyclonic Upright 2 in 1 Conga Duo Stick Easy Vacuum Cleaner Broom and Handheld Without Bags Cyclone Technology 800 W

Brand: Cecotec | Categories: Home & Kitchen
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Item features

  • 2-in-1 cyclonic vacuum cleaner: Upright handheld vacuum. Eficiencia Energética Clase A. Energy efficiency Class A. Save in your bills with the maximum energy efficiency.
  • Professional filtration. Washable HEPA filter and exhaust sponge filter. Similar power to a conventional cylinder vacuum cleaner.
  • Bagless cyclonic technology. Easy to clean. Hygienic. Lighter, smaller, and easier-to-use than a conventional vacuum cleaner, but faster and more efficient than a stick vac.
  • Works with power cord. Good energy efficiency, does not lose suction power, has low power consumption, helps you save in your electricity bill
  • Comfortable and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner: rotary system and wheels for its transportation Includes accessories for a perfect vacuuming: corners and furniture. Parking system. Keeps an upright position by itself.

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